Android phones are the mini computers of the modern era and users are keen to use the friendliest keypad that they can download because it saves time and reduces the complexity of the activity. There are a couple of input methods that are available in the internet aside from the usual standard input method that comes with your phone. One of the new input application was developed that can run on multiple platforms in android phones and it is a virtual keypad that is laid over the usual keyboard that comes with the android phone and you can type your messages through a variety of ways such as tapping the screen, moving your fingers in between letters to form a word and more. These innovations smartphone app from Touchpal make things more exciting for users and they become avid fans of the application. Users of the new input method are able to type a couple of letters and the application will predict the word being typed so that you will not be able to spend a lot more time typing the whole word and you can just tap on the list of words predicted and automatically apply the word you selected to the sentence. Another feature is with the use of the finger slide in order to input the letters respectively according to the combination of the letters selected. This feature allows the user to eliminate tapping and thereby minimize the use of the finger joints and reduce joint pains.

There are also other types of finger slide such as sliding to the bottom to access the bottom symbols, sliding to the top to use the upper case of the letters and if you want to use the numbers you can input them by sliding up and down. There is also the feature called word gesture technology that allows the application to input commonly used words through the recognition of certain gestures by the user. The process by which this gesture recognition technology works is that the camera of the phone captures the image of the gesture made by the user and feeds it into the application software that interprets these meaningful gestures and compares it from a library of predetermined gestures. If a match is found, the gesture will be interpreted and the application will execute the command thereby inputs the selected word. These are some info of the features that make innovations in the android keypad that keeps the users look forward for the next release of the application. Learn more here: